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Dream Catcher - The Legend,
The Lady, The Woman

by Karen L. Hartman

Illustrated by Louise Bussiere

Summary: One of the most beautiful Ojibwa legends is that of the Dream Catcher.  A willow hoop woven with sinew in a web-like pattern, hung in lodges or suspended from cradleboards. 'Bad dreams' are caught in the web, while 'good dreams' go through the center hole and slide down the feather to the person sleeping below.  Learn how the 'Old Woman' tricked the 'Trickster' spider into teaching her to web; then journey with the Dream Catcher Lady and find beauty within the Dream Catcher.   'The Dream Catcher Lady' then takes the path to becoming 'The Dream Catcher Woman'.

'Dream Catcher - The Legend, The Lady, The Woman', is a beautifully bound hard cover, 72 page book, on parchment-like wheat colored recycled paper, in soft sepia tones. It includes a glossary, two pages of 'Think About It', two pages of 'Personal Notes' and instructions to make a Dream Catcher.