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Gift From the Eagle

by Karen L. Hartman

Illustrated by Louise Bussiere

Summary: A heart warming story of Weeping Heart, a young Native American girl.  As a young girl, she has a dream about a gift from an eagle.  Others ridiculed her as she struggled to understand the meaning of the dream.  Years passed and on one special night she came to realize she had always held a special gift within her heart.  She no longer feared the rejection of others because she believed in herself.  Weeping Heart learned if you listen to your heart you can find your special gift within yourself.

'Gift from the Eagle' is a beautifully bound hard cover, 72 page book, on parchment-like wheat colored recycled paper, in soft sepia tones. It includes a glossary, two pages of 'Think About It', two pages of 'Personal Notes' and instructions to make a Circle of Life.

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