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Karen has become a popular national speaker at conferences, conventions, schools, libraries, and senior gatherings all across America. Her interactive presentation style not only entertains but keeps her listeners engaged.

Karen shares ancient and original stories that bridge the gap between cultures in our time. Her presentations include incorporating a unique blend of hands-on projects such as dream catchers, basketry, moose hair embroidery, beadwork, keeping personal journals, and even recipes.

In addition, Karen has a fine collection of Native American artifacts and raw materials such as hides, arrowheads, horns, porcupine quills, beads, and birchbark - to name a few - that were used in the daily life of our earliest American residents. She masterfully explains how to live off the land using what nature alone provides.

Karen will tailor her program to suit your specific needs. For the full benefit of Karen's expertise, an all-day program is especially valuable as it includes the main presentation as well as follow-up discussions and activities.

One-hour presentations are fact-filled and engaging, and are ideal for those with a keen interest but limited time.

From small group settings to large auditorium audiences, Karen's presentations have delighted all who attend.

Character Education

Karen's heartwarming stories meet children on a personal level. Her characters face and resolve issues that today's children encounter. Children will be able to identify with many of situations in which her characters fine themselves.

Issues incorporated into Karen's stories include:

As a self-published author, Karen shares the trials and triumphs of book publishing. She also displays the various stages involved in creating a book and taking it through the interesting process of publication.


If you'd like Karen  to speak  to your group, please contact her to confirm a date and speaker fees.